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Membership is offered once students complete a three-month period of taking group classes. During that time, the creed of AKFA and demonstration of interest in Kung Fu is needed to take the student and teacher relationship to the next level. It is, after all, the maintenance of body, mind, and spirit. We would love for you to join us for a lesson to learn what it’s all about.

We offer both group and private lessons at our Academy. Private lessons offer individualized attention, where Sifu Dennis can address your specific needs. This method is recommended for individuals who want to practice from the comfort of their own space, can’t make the group classes, or learn better from one-on-one instruction.

Group lessons are advised for those that like to learn as part of a team. You will grow with each other, and encourage one another. Coming to the Addis Kung Fu Academy you will bond with your classmates through work, and may consider them to be a part of your Kung fu family after time.

Registration includes your uniform and first evaluation, which is offered after you complete your third month of practice at the Academy. Please visit our contact form, and let us know if you’d like to drop in.

Classes offered

Hsing I – Out of all of the internal martial arts, Hsing I exhibits the most yang energy. One characteristic of Hsing I is that it never retreats. Practitioners strike quickly, like lightning, to incapacitate their opponents.

Tai Chi – This branch of internal martial arts is known for it’s slow-flowing movement. Each graceful motion changes into another like a rolling wave. One must maintain deep breathing and focus, in order to get the most out of Tai Chi.

Ba Gua – This internal art is known for the movement of circle walking. When practicing Ba Gua, the practitioner circles around their opponent like a tornado.

Qi Gong – Qi Gong is roughly translated as “life energy cultivation”. It is most widely used for meditation and focus.

Shaolin – A more energy-intensive, external art is Shaolin. It originates from the Shaolin Temple in China, and has been used in combat for thousands of years.

Little Tigers & Kids Kung Fu

Kung Fu teaches children responsibility, self-defense, body and mind maintenance, and respect. At the Addis Kung Fu academy we believe that the sooner you start your Kung Fu training, the more you will get out of it. This is why we have created the Little Tigers and Kids Kung Fu classes.
The Little Tigers program is designed specifically for children from ages 4-7, while the Kids Kung Fu classes has a broader range of students from ages 6-16.

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